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Soon to be added to the store is Jo-Dean's amazing Space Clearing Sprays made with Full Moon Infused Gem Elixirs, essential oils and Reiki to bring in a powerful intention to remove negativity from ones space and to replace it with the energy of Universal Love.

If you are interested please e-mail [email protected] to acquire more information.

Reviews from clients after trying Jo-Dean's Space Clearing Sprays:

  • OMG! I love your spray! I use it daily just on myself and I can feel my energy shift. I keep one a work just to keep my space clear. I love it! 
  • I love the way your spray smells it instantly changes my mood! Keep making them!
  • This is like spiritual pepper spray, clears my space but also my self! 
  • I had an interesting experience with your spray. I was moving into my new home and my 5 year old son said he didn't like the way this room felt, when he left I quickly grabbed your spray and sprayed the room and when he came back he said mom it feels better in here! I didn't tell him what I did!  lol this stuff really works. 
  • I love the smell and how it makes me feel!
  • I use it after every client! Smells amazing and it doesn't linger or it's not to strong, very calming actually. 
  • I noticed when using this amazing spray that negative people don't like it? It's like spiritual bug spray! 
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