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Scott Poirier

My goal is to assist you in your journey to help remove the things that hold you back, that keeps you in the same loop of patterns, you know, like the movie ground hog day. It's time to see yourself the way you want to and easily step out of the story you tell yourself that keeps you in the very vibration you are wanting out of. 

I can assist you in your journey with a straight forward approach that allows you to see the truth and acknowledge the lies you tell yourself, it's not a bad thing, it's just a way of protecting your soul. Sometimes ego doesn't like change and we get caught up in the patterns.  This approach, allows you to change the energy, around the events that occurred back there in the past. I just help you get out of your own way. 

Best of all, since we are working with these memories, you can be relieved to know you don't have to reveal what these events are. You will also be comfortable in knowing, your eyes can remain opened through the whole session! 

It is that easy!

Are you ready for change?  It always has been your right and no one can tell you when you are ready, only you know when it’s time. 

Contact me by e-mail, [email protected] to arrange a time for a Skype session to get started with your transformation.

Or begin your journey now by selecting one of the secured links below and we can arrange the details later.   

Love and Light

Scott Poirier

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