Remove the Critic

Remove the Critic

The inner critic, is a voice in your mind that tells you lies like, "you are not enough", "you are no good", "who do you think you are", "you are ugly", "if they knew the real me they would hate me". The mean things  we say to ourselves that keep our vibration down . The God/Goddess within gets suppressed because you begin to believe your own inner dialog.

We can assist with removing the critic, that inner voice that tells you all these lies and turn it back into your natural loving voice, because you always have been good enough. 

When you make the choice to stop living your old story, and understand that only you can create your new story, you begin take your power back and yes it is possible. Wouldn't it be nice if you were guided by your LOVING inner voice rather than your negative critical voice? 

Your perspective begins to change when your self talk changes and you start to see things through the eyes of acceptance because you begin to accept you and when you accept you, your reality shifts to experience acceptance. 



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